Ellen Rago

Teacher feels betrayed over school board rep’s stance on dissolving merged district

I am a teacher at Dummerston School and I have worked in the WSESD school district for 11 years. My partner also works for the district, at Academy School, and we have two children at Dummerston School. I am wholeheartedly committed to this district.

When I learned about the articles on the current town ballots about un-merging from the recently formed merged school district, I was immediately concerned. As I began to research the implications of outlying towns leaving the merged school district, my concern grew.

So when I read an article by school board member Thomas Nolan (Dummerston) in the Views of Dummerston urging people to vote to leave the merged district, I felt betrayed by someone who is supposed to represent me - as a citizen, a mom, and a teacher.

The article was presented as a report about the current activities of the board, and was therefore not an appropriate forum for Mr. Nolan to advance his personal views on the issue. I don't have his same platform.

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