Jacob Deutsch

Talk about, track, and secure cannabis in the home

This past spring, both Jamaica and Brattleboro residents voted to opt-in to retail cannabis, meaning that regulated cannabis is going to be a reality for many Windham County communities.

However, retail cannabis operations will not fully roll out and be accessible to the public until mid-2022.

That means there is still plenty of time for adult users to become informed on how to properly store and secure legal cannabis in their homes.

In prevention, we know that one of the primary ways youth obtain substances is from their homes or close contacts. In fact, in our own community, the 2021 West River Valley Thrives Core Measure Survey found that 36 percent of Leland & Grey students who reported using cannabis stated that they had obtained it from a family member or close friend.

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Cannabis Control Commissions give residents a voice

The recreational cannabis sales act lets cities and towns have a say over cannabis policy and bring a spectrum of community voices to the table

With last year's passage of Act 164, cities and towns across the state will be deciding if they want to opt in to allowing recreational cannabis sales. The complex and dense bill still has a long road ahead before we have a clear vision of what recreational sales will...

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