Dónal O\'Loideáin

Riverfront story more a slick piece of marketing than anything like journalism

This article on the highly questionable projects that stand to do significant damage to the bottom of Main Street/riverfront area reads far more like a slick piece of marketing than anything like journalism. Where are the opposing voices?

Especially ironic and absurd are statements to the effect that these “improvements” to “this long-neglected part of Brattleboro” will somehow open up access to the river, when in fact they'll do the opposite.

The bridge that New Hampshire is forcing on Brattleboro not only will not help the downtown traffic issues to any significant degree but will eat up the precious open space so many of us value while using 20 to 30 times the amount of materials to build as the old bridges, which were sufficient to get traffic across the river for 100 years. Is this progress? It looks to me like a mid-20th-century approach to our 21st-century needs. But, well, New Hampshire owns the river, so….

The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center has been a great presence in our town for decades; I'm not sure what could be possessing them to engage in a proposal of such overreach as that of the “extension.”...

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