Chuck Collins

Why some high-income Vermonters say, ‘Raise my taxes’

Affluent Vermonters understand that their neighbors are being pushed out of their communities due to a lack of affordable housing, high property taxes, and other factors. By paying a bit more income tax, they will also benefit from a healthier, more-just state.

Chuck Collins is co-editor of and author of the recent, Vermont-based novel Altar to an Erupting Sun. See the letter at

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Hidden-wealth system causes serious harm

Billionaires and crooks from around the globe now regard the United States as an offshore tax haven, with a number of states now accommodating anonymous shell companies and trusts with unlimited lifespans

The Pandora Papers, released in early October, are the product of massive data leaks carefully analyzed by more than 600 journalists from around the world. They unmask the secretive ways by which the world's super-wealthy hide trillions of dollars and dodge taxes - not just on some sandy Caribbean...

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Hidden wealth comes at a high cost

The pandemic has supercharged a second gilded age in the U.S. We’re on track to become a hereditary aristocracy of wealth — where the grandchildren of today’s billionaires will dominate our economy, politics, philanthropy, and culture.

Around the world, as our nations attempt to get out from under this pandemic, a question looms: How can we pay for recovery? One increasingly popular idea globally: Tax the billionaires who've profited tremendously during the pandemic. And here in the U.S., nearly two-thirds of us now say we...

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