MaryDiane Baker

Stop supporting Netanyahu with U.S. cash, arms, and intel

BRATTLEBORO-As the U.S. continues to enable death, destruction, and famine in Gaza, Yemen, and the West Bank, as President Biden speaks of restraint to Israel's Netanyahu but continues to break U.S. laws and fuel the horror with American arms and military intelligence, we must continue to raise our voices in protest.

The increasingly louder chorus from Americans and much of Congress for an end to U.S. participation, the rising tide of countries recognizing Palestine as a state, recurring Israeli protests against Netanyahu, plus the United Nations' votes and the International Court of Justice decisions are not to be ignored.

In addition, coalitions of non-governmental organizations such as Action Corps entreat all members of the "UN Security Council to enforce the ICJ orders regarding Israel's actions in Rafah, Gaza."

The recent declaration by "the global Anti-Apartheid Movement that helped end apartheid in South Africa and Namibia'" confronts the "settler-colonialism and apartheid of Israel and its backers."...

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Souls on board in Gaza

BRATTLEBORO-When I worked at a major airport, I learned to refer to people on airplanes as "souls on board." If, for example, a 747 was having landing gear problems as they approached the airport, you could be talking about at least 400 souls on board. Or upwards of 800...

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Biden administration grievously complicit in civilian deaths

Giving unrestricted U.S. military aid to Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu is like one parent telling a teenager they're grounded while the other parent slips them the car keys. President Biden has stated many times that Israel must be more careful to protect civilians when they bomb Gaza. Meanwhile, our...

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U.S. remains complicit in perpetuation of Yemen, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis

As Bernie Sanders supported the call for a report on Saudi's war crimes against Yemen, now is the time for the senator to call for the same for Israel's war crimes against Palestine. In April, Bernie once again worked for relief for Yemen, as co-sponsor of a resolution under section 502B(c) of the Foreign Assistance Act, which requires a State Department report on human rights. He's now spoken of forcing a vote on conditioning aid to Israel, best done via...

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Hold Bernie accountable to his promises on Yemen

At a meet-and-greet town hall hosted by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Senior Center in Brattleboro on Aug. 10, Action Corps Vermont presented him with a petition signed by almost 900 people across the country, including many Vermonters, asking for his leadership in the Senate - now - to end endless wars, starting with the U.S.-backed Saudi war and blockade on Yemen. Bernie met the December setback in his efforts to force a vote on his Yemen War Powers...

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Yemen can’t wait any longer

It pains me to write, again, that the United States still fuels the Saudi/United Arab Emirates war machine, enabling its attacks on Yemen. Come March, we'll mark eight full years. Eight years of unconstitutional U.S. military involvement in Yemeni starvation and destruction, while legislators, activists, more than 100 organizations in this country and 300 others worldwide demand an end to this illegal war. Yemen is not even an enemy of the U.S. Yet we've helped the Saudis subject the country...

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Famine used as a weapon is a war crime

Any war is a tragedy, especially for civilians. Since February, the bitter war in Ukraine has diverted attention from the past seven-plus years during which the United States has facilitated war and supplied blockades in Yemen. The long-term virtual famine of Yemeni civilians is one result. Ignoring our country's involvement doesn't make it go away. Since 2018 there has been bipartisan congressional consensus to end U.S. complicity in Yemen. Now we have a president who has stated his desire to...

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Evans-Frantz: investigates, listens, learns

Isaac Evans-Frantz, who is running for that U.S. Senate seat from Vermont, has a record of national and worldwide advocacy and coalition-building which is highlighted, in part, by recent news. Isaac's role was key in the July 14 Senate introduction of the War Powers Resolution for Yemen, as well as the House version on June 1. His efforts were crucial in 2018–19 as well, in the first round of bipartisan legislation for Yemen, before it was vetoed by Trump. Endorsed...

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