Deb Pierotti

To address root causes, a horrific humanitarian conflict needs to stop

As a retired teacher in Brattleboro who has served the children and families of my community for 27 years, I am heartbroken to know that the horrific humanitarian conflict in Gaza continues.

Since Oct. 7, this conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives, mostly women and children. The lives of millions of civilians and the remaining hostages are again under threat, and the United Nations is warning of a famine soon.

Rep. Becca Balint should use her position to advocate a ceasefire. She should pledge to vote against any more military assistance for Israel without a ceasefire in place.

Only when the killing stops for good can we address the root causes of the conflict. Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live in peace.

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Will Welch support Sanders' resolution?

On Nov. 28, Sen. Peter Welch released a statement calling for the then-temporary Israel/Hamas ceasefire to be extended. Thanks to Sen. Welch for his action. Now, logically, Welch must co-sponsor Sanders' bill, S.Res.504. It contains the legal means to inquire into the catastrophic use of U.S. bombs on Gaza.

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Nothing in The Commons on activism against war in Yemen

As a retired teacher in the Brattleboro school district, I find it heartbreaking knowing that the war in Yemen continues on. Every 75 seconds, a child dies of preventable causes. The blockade and bombing in Yemen have contributed to the largest humanitarian brutality on Earth! On Jan. 25, Action...

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