Sonia Silbert

We’ve had huge mobilizations. You don’t know because the news media won’t cover them.

I appreciate that Arlene Distler is supportive of the movement for Palestinian liberation and wants to see wider and more vibrant protests, but I think she's pointing her finger at the wrong culprit.

We have had huge mobilizations in Washington, D.C. over the past few months for Palestine. There was one in early November with tens of thousands of people and one in January with 400,000 people. They have been incredible!

Plus, there have been amazing actions across the country: Pro-Palestine activists completely shut down San Francisco International Airport in early March with the message "Stop the World for Gaza."

We have shut down Grand Central Station, bridges in and out of New York City, highways in and out of D.C., and more.

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A matter of access and inclusion

The low compensation for a sizable and growing workload makes it near impossible for many to participate on Brattleboro’s Selectboard. A vote to raise these stipends could let more people serve our town.

This Saturday at Annual Representative Town Meeting (ARTM), town reps will have a chance to take a simple step to make our town government more inclusive and accessible. Will we take that opportunity? The Selectboard is a powerful body that makes important decisions which impact everyone who lives, works,

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