Addie Lentzner

Siegel: on a mission to end homelessness in Vermont

For 28 nights, Brenda Siegel and Josh Lisenby slept outside on the State House steps. Lying in sleeping bags in frigid weather, eating food brought to them by volunteers, the two succeeded in their mission to change policy around the General Assistance Motel Program.

Because of Brenda and Josh, hundreds of Vermonters experiencing homelessness got access to shelter around the state in the heart of winter. Because of Brenda and Josh, many in our state did not have to sleep on the streets or freeze to death.

Currently, 550,000 people are homeless in the United States, where nobody should be sleeping outside on the streets. Yet that is still the case from California to Maine.

We need leaders who are willing to shake up the status quo and pass policy to address this dire issue. I know, if elected as governor, Brenda will make it her mission to end homelessness in our state. She cares deeply about the most vulnerable Vermonters, and she won't stop until everyone gets the resources they need and can thrive in our state.

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Bos-Lun cares about youth voice in government

We are at a turning point in our state. The climate crisis is looming, racism is rampant, inequities are stark, poverty is continuing. We need bold leaders who care deeply enough to make real systemic change before it's too late. As the 2022 elections get closer, it's imperative that...

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Pushing people back onto the street

The crisis of homelessness is still alive and well — some of us just have the ability to turn the other way and not look. Where is our state’s empathy when we are not engaged in a worldwide crisis?

One night in February 2020, a homeless man in Bennington went to sleep under a bridge. He had a voucher to spend the night in a Motel 6 miles down the road, but he didn't have a ride to get there. It was 4 degrees outside. Thierry Heuga died...

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