Thomas W. Costello

Partridge: a reputation for fairness, competence, and compassion

I support Carolyn Partridge for assistant judge in Windham County.

Carolyn's experience as a legislator recommends her highly for the office. As a committee chair in the House of Representatives for 14 years, she rightly earned a reputation for fairness, competence, and compassion. These qualities will serve her well on the bench.

Her service as assistant judge will bring honor to the bench, justice to those who appear before her, and competence to the county she well serves.


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Thibault: politician in the spirit of Oakes, Salmon, and O’Connor

Rory Thibault, a candidate for Vermont attorney general, came to Brattleboro for our July Gallery Walk, and I was privileged to accompany him through our streets. Fifty years ago, I began my journey in law and politics. During the journey, I was blessed with the opportunity to run for...

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The best of times, the worst of times

Under the shadow of ‘the greatest gesture towards tyranny that we as a country have ever experienced,’ a decorated veteran remembers and honors the war fallen and the fragile freedom that they died to protect

Flanders Fields is not far from Hürtgen Forest, where Jim Carr fought the Battle of the Bulge in that blistering cold that December of 1944, and not far from the POW camp where Richard Hamilton suffered that horrible winter. John McCrae's poem “In Flanders Fields” reminds us today of...

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