Dale L. and Nancy L. Gassett

Will Brattleboro elected officials honor their oaths of office?

The Vermont Constitution establishes a minimum voting age of 18. A new law permits the town flout that.

Vermont Bill H.386 - which reduces the Vermont Constitutional requirements of the voting age in Brattleboro - is now law.

So we ask: Will Brattleboro elected officials enable Vermont's lawless lawmakers?

We especially direct this question to Hilary Francis. As the town clerk, she is the main person who is responsible to organize and preside over elections. Will she keep her oath of office to uphold the Vermont Constitution as the foundational and supreme law of Vermont? Or will she enable the lawlessness of the Vermont lawmakers who are betraying their constituents and ignoring their oaths of office?

We are also directing this same important question to the present Brattleboro Selectboard members, Ian Goodnow, Peter Case, Franz Reichsman, Daniel Quipp, and Elizabeth McLoughlin. As the elected leaders of the town of Brattleboro, will you keep your oaths of office? Or will you enable the tyrannical, lawless law?...

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By approving teen voting charter changes, lawmakers usurp state constitution

The Vermont Constitution lays out our state's governmental structure and also our rights as inhabitants. Therefore, it is understood to be the supreme foundational law of the state of Vermont. The aim and overall purpose of the Vermont Constitution is communicated in Article 7. It was written for the...

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