Michelle Bos-Lun and Mike Mrowicki

Let Westminster leave forced union

The residents have spoken, and their message should be heeded. It’s how democracy works — or should.

As state representatives, we share our support and concerns about Westminster's vote to withdraw from the town's forced merger with Athens and Grafton. Voters have voted, and in a democracy those votes are supposed to be counted and heeded.

Residents are understandably concerned about the future of democracy in Vermont. Westminster, as well as Grafton and Athens, voted (in two different elections) that Westminster should be allowed to separate and operate its own elementary school.

There were townwide votes that were ignored - and, in effect, “suppressed” votes.

The rationale to dissolve this merger rises up from efforts to make the forced merger work; those making those efforts found it did not. The geographic distance between Westminster and the other two towns made the supposed advantages of sharing staff and resources impossible.

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