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Should vaccine be required for health-care workers?

Data shows vaccines are effective in preventing getting and dying from Covid

Should health-care professionals be required to get vaccinated against Covid?

Hospitals have - for decades - required their staff to get vaccinated against dangerous, epidemic-inducing infections such as measles, flu, and hepatitis.

So, then, the question is not whether they should be required to get vaccinated, but whether health-care professionals should be required to get vaccinated against Covid specifically.

The Covid pandemic has caused international, national, and local havoc. It is in the public interest that the continuing risk of this virus be mitigated and avoided.

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What will happen this winter?

Our family has little to no generational wealth to draw from. We’re all living paycheck to paycheck to just keep our hard-achieved (and community-earned) middle-class status.

I have been lucky enough to have economic mobility in my life. My biological mom's and dad's family grew up in the “projects” of Puerto Rico. So poor, that they could only afford up to $100 in rent and utilities combined. To avoid death by poverty, my family members...

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