Edward C. Morris

What saving democracy looks like

As soon as I saw Elayne Clift's column, I knew I had to respond.

It is certainly going to be true that from now until the 2024 election that we will be inundated with such messages. After all, the only thing Democrats have to sell is fear. To an extent, the same is true of Republicans as well.

It is funny to see Ms. Clift raise the alarm about saving democracy when right in front of our eyes we see democrats taking democracy away. Delegates won in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary will not be recognized at the national convention just because the state is defying the Democratic National Committee by daring to go first.

We just learned that Florida Democrats are cancelling their primary altogether so that Biden can collect the entirety of that state's delegates. The same thing has happened in a couple of other states. It seems like depending on Democrats to protect democracy can be likened to having sex to protect one's virginity.

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We need transparency to restore trust in the electoral system

Robert Fritz delivered the basic democratic line that the 2020 elections was the freest and fairest election to date, and without a doubt Joe Biden was fairly elected. As someone with an interest in the discipline of philosophy, and who has respect for the principles of epistemology (the study...

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Viewpoint illustrates everything that's wrong with our politics

Dan DeWalt's Viewpoint exposes everything that is wrong with politics up to the current day in 21st-century America. The logic of this politics is well-engrained by now: Blame everything that is wrong with America on white men. Think about that for a minute. Do you really find the Mickey...

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'Like it or not, we need weapons of war'

I noticed that Bill Dunkel hit all the major points that gun grabbers would have us believe so as to carry out their nefarious gun-grabbing schemes. Selective outrage at greedy gun manufacturers and heartless NRA executives provides a pretense of populism and care for the working class. I hope that here in Vermont the working class is not buying it. I moved to Vermont from Florida, and the only thing I liked about Florida was the broad support for gun...

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Real concerns about democracy should go way beyond election denialism

Whenever anyone asks me if I think the 2020 election was fair and whether Joe Biden legitimately won, my response has always been, “I don't know, but I think there is about a 60% chance that Biden legitimately won.” The reason for my response is obvious. How could anyone know, whether you are an election denialist or not, that the election was fair and Biden's win was legitimate? The fact is that there were many opportunities for cheating in the...

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The Democrats are spreading fear — plenty of fear — because they have nothing else to sell

Joyce Marcel's column is, unfortunately, a very typical and expected reaction to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. She contemplates the possible return of slavery and a parade of horribles that includes the overturning of marriage equality, the end of interracial marriage, and anything else you can imagine. This fits very well with the tactic of Democrats for the upcoming election: spread fear - plenty of fear - because they have nothing else to sell. Most of these fears are...

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