Steffen Gillom

Hashim: creates a culture of mutual respect and togetherness

I am pleased to take the time to write a few words in support of my friend, colleague, and brother in the civil rights movement - Nader Hashim.

Nader and I have worked together for several years and in many capacities toward creating a more fair and just Vermont. Throughout our time together, I have admired his ability to skillfully navigate complicated situations with grace and tact.

I've watched Nader hold members of law enforcement accountable while simultaneously working with them to find collective pathways ahead, utilize the Socratic method to challenge members of the government administration in a way that causes deep reflection instead of resentment or contempt, and educate his peers in a way that leaves them feeling invited into the conversation instead of pushed away from it.

When I think of what makes a leader and those I want to lead, I seldom find myself thinking about how loud or persecutory they are, but, instead, how they considered me and my perspective. I believe these are the skills that are hard to learn and even harder to practice that make all the difference when trying to get real work done in the people's name.

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