Aimee Creelman

Kornheiser: in close to four years, an impressive record

Emilie Kornheiser is running for her third term to the Vermont House of Representatives as the Democratic representative for what is now Windham-7. Her campaign motto, “Committing to Community,” is reflected in all of her dedication and hard work over the years.

Emilie is an accessible politician. I was deeply moved by her door-to-door campaign strategy and her wanting to reach out to neighbors, regardless of political persuasion, to share ideas through meaningful conversation. She also regularly participates in community panels, holds meet-and-greet political happy hours, writes regular updates to her constituents, and makes it clear to us that she wants to hear our voice and concerns.

Her close to four years in this role has yielded an impressive record!

As vice chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means, she helped to pass the child tax credit and earned-income tax credit, along with a restructuring of corporate taxes and of the education finance system.

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