Sydney Crystal

Question and research the sources of your political information

I recently received a flyer from “Concerned Citizens of Vermont” encouraging me to “vote a resounding no!” on the addition of Article 22 to the Vermont Constitution. The case made in the flyer is that the language of the amendment is “so vague” that it “doesn't adequately protect all reproductive rights.”

This raised alarm bells for me. I have been dismayed by the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the horrifying effects this has had on women's self-determination and health care. Would this proposed article put women at greater risk? The language in the flyer is both compelling and confusing.

In an effort to inform myself, I tried to research the source of this flyer.

A Google search revealed no evidence of an organization named “Concerned Citizens of Vermont.” I did find that a group, Vermonters for Good Government, stated, “Women should vote NO on Proposal 5/Article 22 following the Supreme Court Dobbs Decision.”...

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