Asher Edelson

Siegel: fights for those in need, champions pragmatic solutions

Please vote Brenda Siegel for governor.

When Vermonters experiencing homelessness faced a crisis, Brenda fought for them and waged a bold protest on the steps of our Capitol for days. When Bennington's Town Party created a Housing Statement of Support for housing reform, Brenda was there to help. Throughout the opioid epidemic, Brenda has championed pragmatic solutions to save lives.

Meanwhile, our incumbent governor, Phil Scott, has allowed Massachusetts and Maine to reap commercial cannabis revenues for years when he could have pushed for Vermonters to have jobs, legal and safe alternatives to opioids, and tax revenues.

Phil did not hold ChemFab accountable when the company polluted southern Vermont drinking water and allowed our people to suffer. He vetoed the medical monitoring bill twice before finally signing it into law this election year. While other states innovate and progress, our brave little state is held back.

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