Jennie Strowe

Roberts: The word ‘politician’ doesn’t fit

I'm a close neighbor to Tristan Roberts. Living in the woods in Vermont, that's not saying much. I can't see his house from mine, but his family has a strong presence in our family's life that makes the distance feel short.

We moved here about three years ago, and I kept hearing about Tristan before I met him. When we encountered the lack of Internet here, I was told, “Tristan's working on that on the broadband committee. Ask him how it's coming along.”

Being new in town, I had questions about where to buy firewood and who I might ask to put my hens in at night when we were away for work. Whatever the question, Tristan seemed to be mentioned as a person who would help or know where to find help. I formed a mental image of him as this old man who must have been living up the road for decades.

When I finally met Tristan, I was surprised to encounter an energetic, curious, open-hearted young man. We still laugh about it.

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