Steve Crofter

How do we encourage increased attendance at Rockingham's Annual Town Meeting?

Town Meeting is a Vermont tradition that allows ordinary citizens to meet annually with their neighbors to create local legislation and oversee their town's affairs. It is democracy in action at its most basic level.

Rockingham residents may recall that voters at last year's Annual Town Meeting discussed whether to continue the tradition of an annual in-person Town Meeting or to switch to voting all articles by Australian ballot.

Although the decision was made to continue holding in-person Town Meetings, there were good arguments on both sides. One idea that all seemed to support was that if we are to continue the Town Meeting tradition, we should do all we can to encourage increased attendance.

To this end, the Rockingham Selectboard is in the process of surveying voters to learn what changes would make it easier for people to attend. I encourage all voters in town to respond thoughtfully to the survey.

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Fossil fuel investments are a poor choice for healthy returns and the planet

I'm writing in response to Joyce Marcel's interview with State Treasurer Mike Pieciak on divestment of fossil fuels from our state's pension funds. As a retired school teacher with a pension in the Vermont State Teachers Retirement System, I have a personal financial interest in this. As a citizen...

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Pieciek: Please factor climate change into proposals for state pension funds

An open letter to Mike Pieciak, candidate for Vermont State Treasurer: As a retired schoolteacher, I'm grateful for my monthly check from the Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System (VSTRS), the funds of which are based in part on contributions I made while working. Administration of Vermont's pension funds will...

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