Jaci Reynolds

‘Wild and inaccurate accusations’ against Peter Case

When I saw this piece written about Peter Case, I was appalled.

Could GennaRose Nethercott be referring to the same Peter Case who has volunteered robust amounts of time and energy for Groundworks?

Or perhaps she's addressing the fact that he spearheaded “Load the Latchis” for so many years?

Is she really talking about the same guy, who serves as president of Black Mountain Assisted Family Living, once again dedicating his time and energy in service to our most vulnerable citizens?...

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Treating property owners like the enemy isn’t the answer

I write as someone who is not a landlord but as someone who has the honor of knowing some amazing local folks who are, in fact, landlords. In reading about the different perspectives on the proposed charter change, I feel sad and concerned. I am concerned for our most...

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Wessel: sensible leadership while unbeholden to major parties

Research Tim Wessel, and one of the first statements you are likely to come across says that he wants to be “a voice for those who want less rhetoric and more collaboration.” Yes, Tim: As a former Windham Southeast Supervisory Union and Windham Southeast School District board member, this...

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School board incumbent reflects on a tumultuous two years

As I enter the final weeks of my tenure as a Windham Southeast school board member, I have been reflecting on this experience. This community is well aware of the many difficult challenges that the board has faced during my two years as a member. Between Covid, two Superintendents resigning, a tumultuous (to say the least) vote for a proposed district dissolution, and now our investigation into sexual assault allegations in our district, I can honestly say that I feel...

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