Nicholas Boke

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy welcomes President Joe Biden to this year’s State of the Union address.

The system worked

In the debt ceiling vote, days of negotiations were followed by votes in the House and Senate that were truly bipartisan. Given the stakes, getting something done was crucial.

I hadn't realized how frightened I'd been about the debt-ceiling situation until I found myself sleeping well the night after the House approved the deal struck between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. I wasn't sure the Senate would pass it, but this was a good sign.

In the broadest sense, the really good sign was that the United States wouldn't default on its obligations and, thus, that the world's economic and political underpinnings would not - at least this week - be totally unsettled.

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We need zoning for the Vermont that we are

Our look should be protected — but so should the possibility of at least being able to rent, if not buy, a place to live

All that state Rep. Seth Bongartz (D-Manchester) and his colleagues are doing is facing the fact that lovely Vermont just isn’t what it thinks it is anymore. The bill they’re proposing to enable housing development by banning single-family zoning and allowing duplexes and even three-and-four-unit homes in some municipalities...

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Dire predictions for Article 22

Abortion foes are attacking the proposed constitutional amendment in ways that are extreme

I figured that if somebody was handing out glossy anti-Article 22 fliers at the Chester Town Office on primary election day, there'd be lots of somebodies handing out glossy anti-Article 22 fliers at other voting stations. I was right. The overstated hypotheticals provided in that flier are just the...

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'I just don't know what to do'

I just don't know what to do. Political commentaries these days often run something like, “There seems to be a good chance that democracy is in danger.” Those are the optimistic ones. Many - from both the right and the left - run more along the lines of “Buckle up! You ain't seen nothin' yet.” If the polls are correct, a lot of Republicans and many independents are pretty sure that the illegitimate Biden administration is looking at the world...

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