Lana Dever, Tim Maciel, and Deborah Stanford

Investigation must be thorough and right

A year after revelations of sexual abuse at Brattleboro Union High School, the WSESU board has been criticized for the cost and length of the investigation as well as for lack of transparency

Given the shameful history of sexual abuse, coverups and retaliation in our society, it is perhaps understandable that there was a certain amount of distrust in how the Windham Southeast School district board would handle the allegations revealed in Mindy Haskins Rogers' report of sexual abuse, including statutory rape, at Brattleboro Union High School [“No more secrecy,” Viewpoint, Aug. 11, 2021].

Ms. Haskins Rogers noted that “The evidence seems damning, yet [Robert “Zeke” Hecker] was protected by supervisors, colleagues, and community members for decades, allowing him ongoing access to minors.”

The board was stunned by these allegations and took immediate action to ensure that claims of sexual assault - both long-past and more current - would be thoroughly investigated by an independent and impartial investigator.

More than once in public meetings, the chair and vice chair explained the board's commitment to a fair process and to the moral imperative for a thorough investigation that did not cut corners or rush to conclusions.

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