Fhar Miess

‘A three-page, 2,500-plus-word article quoting at length from a single source is not a news story’

I am dismayed that The Commons chose to commission the biased, inaccurate reporting in Joyce Marcel's front-page article about Rep. Becca Balint's recent trip to Israel.

A three-page, 2,500-plus-word article quoting at length from a single source is not a news story. Balint has a proven history in Brattleboro publications of communicating to the public coherently in her own words, and I would have preferred that she had been allowed to do so, however much I may disagree with her on this issue.

Even the headline itself is misleading: "'We felt like we have to see for ourselves what's going on': Balint joins five House colleagues in fact-finding visit to Israel and Gaza."

As a basic point of geography, Balint did not, in fact, visit Gaza. She met with people who had resided in "the Gaza envelope": a 7-km-wide band of land that "envelops" the Gaza Strip. The ongoing, daily horrors happening in Gaza right now cannot be witnessed from visiting adjacent land that has now been a vacant, closed military zone for months.

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What is Israel’s endgame? And what is ours?

Much of Israel’s military conduct is strategically nonsensical when attempting to see it through the lens of its stated objectives

Fhar Miess is a resident of Brattleboro, chair of the Conservation Commission, a District 9 Representative Town Meeting member, and bookkeeper at Everyone's Books. He lived in Egypt from 2007 to 2009 and traveled by bicycle around Syria. What is the endgame in Gaza? What does "winning" look like...

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Doublespeak masquerades as simple difference of opinion

I was perplexed to find in The Commons this article, accompanied by an image of a page from a 1931 eugenicist screed in order to support the article's point, such as it is. A quote by Ruth Bader Ginsburg sits below the article, stating “The state controlling a woman...

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