Alan J. Keays

Brattleboro man claims killing as self-defense

Police probe origin of gun; shooter returns to prison for parole violation and faces federal charges related to fentanyl

Authorities appear to be investigating whether a recent fatal shooting at Great River Terrace was made in self-defense, according to a complaint federal prosecutors filed in court late in the afternoon of Aug. 23.

Nicolas Baker, 34, told police on Aug. 19 that he had just shot an attacker in his apartment with a pistol that had fallen out of the other man's pants pocket, according to the filing.

During a subsequent search of Baker's apartment, though, police found a box with a sticker for the same model pistol and a serial number matching the one seized by police after the shooting, prosecutors wrote.

The documents did not elaborate on what that could mean, though prosecutors charged Baker with illegally possessing that firearm as a convicted felon.

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