Howard F. Hoye

Will the Guilford Selectboard follow their own conflict-of-interest policy?

The information reported on a discussion by the Guilford Selectboard in a Brattleboro Reformer article [“'Threatening,' anonymous letter discussed by Guilford Select Board,” Aug. 10] is relatively one-sided with some context and details left out. Did the Reformer reporter read the “anonymous letter”?

Here are a couple of important questions: If the State Police said the “anonymous letter” was not “threatening,” why is the Selectboard saying it is? Also, why is the Selectboard so focused on the letter's anonymity rather than what the letter says?

The Guilford Selectboard has called the letter “false information without sharing the contents or refuting specifics.” Why not just post “the letter” for everyone to read, so people can have their own opinions and assessments? Why is the Selectboard hiding the contents of the letter? What happened to the board's commitment to transparency?

The article also reported that the conflict-of- interest-questionnaire documents sought by Guilford resident Jason Herron don't exist in town records. Why are the required documents missing?...

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