Nick Nowlan

New laws aim to restore a modicum of integrity to elections

Nancy Braus' letter on a Facist takeover (Commons, July 27, 2022) is rife with hackneyed progressive talking points and lacks real substance. Her rant is blatantly racist. She insinuates that black voters, black citizens, black men and people of color, and no other ethnic or political group can produce a legitimate ID; request, complete and return an absentee ballot; or otherwise find their way to the polls. This is absurd.

William Barr, Trump's AG, found that, while there were election irregularities, they were not significant enough to overturn Biden's election. The Supreme Court, in Texas vs Pennsylvania ruled that election laws were up to the states.

The noise from the Trump camp about election fraud is just that, noise. The current wave of election laws, for the most part, seems to aim to restore a modicum of integrity to elections which I would hope that all citizens would want, lest we go through the question of fraud with every election cycle.

I challenge Ms. Braus to be specific how black people, specifically, are being disenfranchised or how we are reverting to the Jim Crow era as Biden is saying.

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