Charles Andros

Media have moral obligation to tell the whole truth about climate change

As someone who follows local and national news reports, I am worried about the recent extreme heat and wildfires raging across the country. I feel for people who lose their lives and livelihoods to extreme weather, and I'm scared that it's only a matter of time until it directly hits me and my community.

Seeing headlines in local news outlets covering these climate disasters made me realize that most news stories show no connection between them and their main cause: fossil fuels.

This is dangerous, because many people will continue to refuse to see that longer, hotter, and deadlier summers are caused and perpetuated by the disastrous coal, oil, and gas projects - and the fossil fuel industry.

The science is clear - the longer we allow coal, oil, and gas companies to dig and burn, the worse the impacts of the climate crisis will be. With every fraction of a degree of warming, we'll see and suffer more extreme heat, droughts, floods, wildfires, and hurricanes.

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