Anna Bowler

Bos-Lun: works for equity and justice, and never backs down

I urge you to vote in the Vermont primaries. There is currently so much political angst in our country. It feels cheap to just say vote, but it is a concrete action step with clear results.

Specifically, I am urging you to vote for Michelle Bos-Lun for Windham-3 representative (Westminster, Rockingham, and Brookline).

I have known Michelle since 2004, when I traveled as a participant in the first Compass School global connections program that she led to India when I was a teen. We volunteered with Tibetan refugees and visited multiple places to develop an understanding of the diversity in our world.

Then and now, I trust her implicitly to work for equity and justice and to never back down. While I am thankful to say this is not rare in our community, it is a blessing that she is willing to step up and do the public this service.

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