John Dankowski

Bos-Lun: a global outlook and compassion for the world’s people

One of my best and brightest students is Michelle Bossard, as she was then known. Today, she is Michelle Bos-Lun, one of your stellar state representatives, and I can still recall her when she was in my world history, my U.S. history and my level 4 Chinese Mandarin language classes in the early '80s.

She was an enthusiastic and diligent student, and beyond my classes, she was active as the science club president and a member of a school program that supported and interacted with kids from a local orphanage. She cared about the world and its people then, and those are still her priorities now, decades later.

Michelle began teaching English to local Taiwanese students when she was still in high school herself. Now she has been an English and social studies teacher much of her life, as I was. In addition to teaching U.S. history and government, she is now serving in government!

Her parents were teachers at the school, too, and I believe much of her academic success and community interest stem from growing up in an educational and multicultural environment.

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