J. Barton (Tony) Elliott

Bos-Lun: the real deal

The best reasons for my support of Michelle Bos-Lun have to do with values. Anyone can support one cause and not another. But to know - really know - how they will operate under duress, you must ask: What is behind that person, and why do they operate as they do?

Michelle has those values I admire. She serves people. Her work with Tibetan refugees struck a chord because my sister spent most of her life doing similar work. I know those issues.

Michelle's continuing support for refugees from all countries demonstrates her compassion. Her support of restorative justice, community schools, and human rights issues show who she is. She acts what she speaks.

Read more about who she is, what she believes, and the legislation she introduced or co-sponsored at bit.ly/672-bos-lun.

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