Cherie Keeler Moran

Moran: Let’s talk about campaign finance, candidate’s wife writes

I have known John Moran for 28 years, and we have been married for 25.

His commitment on behalf of our district is exceptional. He is always available whether in Montpelier or at home to attend to community, group, or individual matters. He takes direct responsibility in his re-election efforts without reliance on a campaign manager or a treasurer because his service as a legislator is without staff.

Thus, while in session, he is accountable directly to constituents: reading hundreds of bills, working on legislation in his committee, testifying to other committees in the House or Senate, and making presentations on the House floor.

John always takes a stand on every matter that comes to a vote, regardless of party affiliation, in the best interest of our district. His actions as our legislator are knowledgeable and thoughtful. When under pressure, as sometimes happens on the House floor, he is persistent, patient, and positive.

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Moran is a politician who gets into the gutter — literally

On a recent October afternoon, as the sun warmed the air and added brilliance to the landscape, a political candidate went door to door on Main Street in Stamford to meet his constituents, answer questions, and ask for their votes in the upcoming election.  He pulled into the driveway...

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