Laura Campbell

An architect’s drawing of the Windham-Windsor Housing Trust’s proposed housing project in Putney.

The confusion is understandable

The town website describes the Putney Selectboard as the final decision-making authority for the town. It seemed obvious that the board would have the power to reverse a DRB decision upon hearing reasonable arguments from the community.

As former appellant on cases 22-ENV-0003 and 23-AP-080, I write to honor all the courageous, honest people who took a stand and signed a petition to the Putney Selectboard to withdraw approval of Windham & Windsor Housing Trust's permit for construction of 25 units of mixed-income housing, in two massive buildings, accompanied by a 25 space parking lot, south of the Community Garden, on 0.91 acres east of Alice Holway Drive.

Between Aug. 11, when the petition began circulating, and the Aug. 23 Selectboard meeting, where Putney Selectboard Chair Aileen Chute disallowed its being read aloud, well over 100 interested persons - over 5% of registered voters, including myself - stepped up to sign the petition, placing their faith in our Selectboard as it is introduced and described on the town website. Additional signatures await filing with the town clerk.

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