Gregory Lesch

Refugee housing supports economic growth for everyone

State funding for temporary housing for refugees on the World Learning campus is more than a humanitarian gesture. It’s also a strategic economic measure.

Gregory Lesch is executive director of the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce.

As The Commons noted in its Jan. 10 front-page story by Joyce Marcel ["Vermonters ask: Where have all the workers gone?"], southern Vermont faces a serious labor shortage and a rapidly aging population that is compounded by a tight housing market.

State-supported transitional housing for incoming refugees addresses these issues head-on. Welcoming these new Vermonters is not just a humanitarian effort, it's also a strategic economic measure.

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Local funds a win-win for Brattleboro

Visitor dollars from more robust tourism help keep our merchants in the black, which in turn allows them to generously support our local causes, social services, and the arts

I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to members of Brattleboro's Representative Town Meeting for the support expressed in the thumbs-up vote you delivered for the Community Marketing Initiative on March 19. Your approval is an investment in the future economic development of the...

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