Barbara Mellish

Brattleboro town department heads 'blindsided' by

This hearing was supposed to be an opportunity for citizens of Brattleboro to have a voice in their choice for emergency medical care.

Instead, those attending were blindsided by a panel of town department heads reading prepared speeches in support of the fire-EMS model.

For the attendees, it was a classic bait-and-switch by the town. After we were being lectured to by Town Manager John Potter (to behave) from "we want to hear what you have to say" to Sunday, when "we are here telling you what we want."

Take note that the department heads have no skin in the game. None. Nada. All but two do not live in Brattleboro, and at least one doesn't even live in Vermont! They do not pay Brattleboro taxes, and the change will not affect them. In fact, many live in consortium towns served by Rescue. How hypocritical is that?...

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