Lyssa Papazian

Putney can thrive with new residents, businesses, energy

To make the difference between a bedroom hamlet and a real rural downtown, we need more working families in the village. The proposed WWHT affordable housing project can bring positive change, but NIMBY-ism is right back at center stage.

Running the Putney General Store has taught me that we are a small community that cares about each other - especially in the village.

The diverse community in the village is made up of people who support and care for one another in ways that the larger town can't. Historically, the kindness and generosity in the village has embraced all kinds of people, including those who need help and those who can give it.

It saddens me to see this breaking down now over opposition to the affordable housing project proposed for Alice Holway Drive. Despite the approval by the Development Review Board (DRB) for this project, there is already an appeal to that decision and a petition full of alarmism and disinformation circulating trying to undermine it.

I am writing not only to express my strong support for the project, but also because I am concerned that some candidates who are running for Selectboard seats may be motivated by their opposition to this issue.

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