Katerina Brumer

Bobcats and coyotes do not need human interference to manage their population levels

Humans share the planet with many species of wildlife - some receive protections as endangered species, like the Canada lynx in Vermont, while others receive few, if any, protections at all.

Bobcats, a close cousin to the Canada lynx, and coyotes are grouped in the latter category. As apex predators on Vermont's landscape, these animals are vital contributors to healthy, vibrant ecosystems, but they're often misunderstood and unfairly maligned.

One of the main roles coyotes and bobcats play is that of scavengers by consuming carrion, mainly when their preferred food source is scarce.

By eating the remains of dead animals, they clean the forest floor and may help stop the spread of diseases such as brucellosis. This may reduce the spread of the disease that could harm livestock, dogs, and humans.

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