Matt Dricker

‘If we do not stand with Palestinians, we do not stand with anyone, least of all ourselves’

Matt Dricker submitted this letter, which is co-signed by Casey Parles, Jane Katz Field, John Field, Leo Moskowitz, Liz Harris, Lucy Johnston, Maya Faerstein-Weiss, Naomi Ullian, Rebecca Speisman, Steve Wangh, and Abby Mnookin.

Tim Wessel asks readers to "think for a few moments about your Jewish friends. Ask them how they've been since Oct. 7."

As some of Tim's Jewish neighbors in Windham County, allow us to answer this question:...

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Speno had a chance that night to mend a fractured community. He failed.

On March 8, the newly seated Windham Southeast School District board heard from several parents who, with only six days before the school mask mandate was to be lifted, had still not been able to learn from administrators what plans would be in place to protect their children who...

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