Emily Megas-Russell

Dever: unwavering ability and commitment to speak to complex, challenging, and vulnerable issues

I am grateful and excited that Lana Dever has decided to run for the Brattleboro seat on the Windham Southeast School District school board.

I am a parent of a child who will be entering kindergarten next year, and I am passionate about strong and wise leadership for our public schools. I wholeheartedly support Lana in this endeavor, and I believe that she is an excellent person for this position.

I had the privilege of working closely with Lana on the Community Safety Review process for the town of Brattleboro in 2020. I was a co-facilitator of the project, and Lana was a member of the Community Safety Review Committee.

I experienced Lana to be deeply compassionate and empathic in both her ability to hold space for the community members who shared their experiences of harm and for her fellow committee members. She was particularly skilled at building respectful relationships with other members with whom she had dissenting perspectives, all over Zoom!...

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