Anne Rider

Carter: Will be real asset to Guilford Selectboard

I enthusiastically endorse Chip Carter in his bid for a three-year term on the Guilford Selectboard.

Chip moved to Green River in Guilford eight years ago and was immediately introduced to our strong culture of volunteerism by Addie Minott. She recruited him to serve on the Green River Village Preservation Trust and eventually he chaired the board very ably. He also volunteers for Guilford Cares. Chip and his wife, Laurie, both grew up in New England and were excited to move to Guilford in 2016.

Chip loves this community and is ready, willing, and able to bring his skills to the Selectboard. He has a strong work ethic, an ability to dig deeply into an issue, to research, and listen to all points of view. He is an excellent communicator, having worked in communications for his entire career. His ability to research and understand complex issues will be a real asset to the board and our community.

Anne Rider...

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Harrison and Hashim: will bring complementary skills to state Senate

We are lucky here in Windham County to have two excellent candidates, Wendy Harrison and Nader Hashim, running for the state Senate to fill the seats vacated by Becca Balint and Jeanette White. Wendy and Nader make a strong team, and they would bring different, yet complimentary, skills to...

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Coffey: a do-er and communicator who cares deeply about our towns

Guilford and Vernon are extremely lucky to be represented in Montpelier by Sara Coffey. Sara has now been working on our behalf for four years, and during that time she has brought so much to the job: hard work, integrity, and a willingness to listen respectfully to all points...

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Can we restore awareness that we all have the best interests of the town at heart?

The revote to fund the expansion of the Guilford Free Library resulted in the article being defeated. I am very disappointed in that result and want to thank the Library staff and trustees for their incredible efforts to educate the voters about the benefits of the expansion. I also respect those residents who asked questions, expressed their concerns about the cost and scope of the project, and ultimately voted against it. However, what saddens and alarms me is the small...

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Eastes: intelligence, consideration, and affordable internet

(1)I have known Zon Eastes for over 30 years, and I have always known him to be an intelligent, thoughtful and considerate person. Zon has brought a very strong work ethic to his time on the Guilford Selectboard. He does his homework and is prepared for meetings. He has dived in and studied the issues in depth, and his knowledge and experience will continue to serve our town well. Probably the most notable contribution has been his work to obtain...

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Why this sudden rush to throw out WSESD?

I attended the Guilford Selectboard meeting on Jan. 25 and was disheartened by two articles being proposed for the warning for Town Meeting. In essence, these articles propose dissolving the newly formed Windham Southeast School District. The decision to put these articles on the warnings of every town in the district left me with many questions. Why this sudden rush to throw out a model that has only recently been adopted? The new district has only been in existence for...

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Coffey: caring, outreach, and constituent service

I happily endorse Sara Coffey for Representative of Windham-1 (Guilford and Vernon). Two years ago, I was optimistic about what she would bring to the State House in her first term, and I was not disappointed - in fact, her outreach and hard work have far exceeded my expectations. I could describe the attributes that have made Sara such an effective legislator but I thought instead that I'd share two examples of her actions which illustrate her caring and willingness...

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Coffey: Hard work, positive energy

I am so excited that Sara Coffey made the decision to run and then threw all her considerable energy and talent into the race. I have known Sara since she first moved to Guilford in 2006, and I have been so impressed by the enthusiasm and hard work she has brought to all that she's done for our town. She not only brought the Vermont Performance Lab to town but also became a key volunteer for the Grange - putting...

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