Anna Vesely Pilette

State officials raise serious questions about the Affordable Heat Act’s affordability

State Rep. Heather Chase, you will shortly be voting on the so-called “Affordable Heat Act” (S.5), formerly the “Clean Heat Act.”

The intent of the legislation is a statewide switch from heating systems that run on fossil fuels such as oil, gas, propane, and kerosene, to energy sources like electricity that have lower carbon emissions. A credit system would reward fuel dealers and consumers for changing over from fossil fuels. Those who don't make the switch would bear the higher costs of conventional fuels.

Remarkably, Vermont state officials have consistently raised serious questions about the affordability of the switch that would be mandated by the act:

• Gov. Phil Scott emphasized that “the costs and impacts are unknown."...

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Passing stimulus money to towns postpones inevitable

A few weeks back, the disagreement between Gov. Jim Douglas and the Vermont Department of Education about the allocation of $19 million of federal stimulus money for public education received some publicity. This money came to Vermont as a result of the leadership of U.S. Sens. Patrick Leahy and...

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