Peter Galbraith

Next governor should focus on economic justice

‘To be blunt, I am disappointed in what my party — the Democratic Party — has and has not done over the last six years’

Economic development is already front and center in Vermont's gubernatorial campaign. Much of what has been proposed won't happen or won't make a difference.

Like it or not, our state is subject to the same macroeconomic forces as the rest of the country. And the discretionary resources of our state government are simply too small to make a difference to our economy.

But where Vermont's next governor can make a difference - indeed, a big difference - is in the fight for economic justice.

To be blunt, I am disappointed in what my party - the Democratic Party - has and has not done over the last six years.

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Outgoing state senator weighs campaign-finance stances

During my four years in the Vermont Senate, I was struck by how many times the special interest trumped the broader public interest. I believe one reason for this is Vermont's system of campaign finance, which allows corporations to contribute directly to candidates as well as for individuals to...

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State senator clarifies proposed tax for Green Mountain Care

To clarify: The purpose of the tax on non-wage income (dividends, interest, etc.) is to make sure that taxpayers whose primary source of income is not wages also contribute to Green Mountain Care. The 10-percent tax would be due only on the amount by which non-wage income exceeds wage...

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A canary in the mine

I'm not convinced yet that Bashar al-Assad has actually authorized use of chemical weapons in these circumstances. It's totally illogical for him to have done so. That would be my first point, one really needs to verify the facts. If evidence isn't very clear, then I wouldn't take action. The other point I would make is: what's so striking about the Syrian situation is the minorities have not joined the revolution. It's almost entirely a Sunni revolution. And that should...

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Politicians say thanks: Peter Galbraith

In the months leading up to last Tuesday's election, hundreds of Windham County residents participated in my campaign for the Vermont Senate. I am grateful to those who hosted and attended “meet and greet” parties, to those who displayed my signs on their lawns, to those who contributed money, to those who endorsed me publicly, to those who made calls on my behalf, and to those who stood at the polls with my signs and literature on a pleasant primary...

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