Thomas Brennan

Unhoused people and their allies hold signs at a 2019 rally in downtown Brattleboro.

‘The socioeconomic divide in Brattleboro could not be starker’

‘The moneyed interests in this town would rather see the homeless and working class population disappear. Why? It’s gentrification, plain and simple.’

There is immense prejudice in Brattleboro regarding the growing homeless population here. I have experienced it firsthand, and so have many others.

This town likes to bill itself as an all-welcoming community, but those of us who have lived and worked in this town (as I have) rather than merely recreating here know better.

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What if it suddenly happened to you?

Vermonters need to understand that everyone who is homeless has been on a unique journey of survival, with lives infinitely harder than those who are housed can possibly imagine

Pause for a moment and imagine yourself on the streets of the largest and most expensive city in America. Ask yourself: Could I survive a week on the street? Where would I sleep? Where would I eat? I am a homeless resident of Brattleboro, living at Groundworks on South...

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