Woody Bernhard

Apology to the LGBTQ community

I would like to apologize for calling the LGBTQ+ community “people with unusual sexual preferences” at the Sept. 1 Brattleboro Selectboard meeting, where I presented a petition calling on the board to “fly the We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All main street banner over Main Street whenever there is a space for a banner to be hung.”

According to our mission statement, we are organized and operate exclusively on a nonprofit basis to promote positive nonviolent public action for democracy and equal civil rights for all people.

In my defense, I say that I am an imperfect human being. I grew up in our supremacist, racist, bigoted, prejudiced, and cruel society. I am trying to learn a better way, but I often screw up and fall flat on my face.

I apologize to you and hope we can continue to work together for a better world.

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Brattleboro voters can press town to send a 'beautiful message'

Now is the time to fly the Civil Rights For All banner. We are calling on all Brattleboro voters. Under the current political, social, and racist unrest, and with the COVID-19 threat and the curtailment of public events and Main Street banner raisings, we think it appropriate to ask...

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Co-op supports civil-rights banner with Bag a Bean program

Beans add up to dollars for local nonprofits at the Brattleboro Food Co-op. Come shop at the Co-op and donate to We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All banner at the same time. We are one of three nonprofits featured in the co-op's Bag a Bean Program for May. The...

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Thanks for celebrating democracy

If Democracy could talk, Democracy would say thank you. Thank you to all who stood up for Democracy by funding the flight of the We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All banner over Main Street in April. Thank you to all who attended the '"light a candle for Democracy” candlelight vigil for Democracy at Pliny Park. Thank you to legislators Becca Balint, Mollie Burke, Emily Long, Mike Mrowicki, Jeanette White, and Valerie Stewart, who attended the vigil and spoke up for...

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