Mary Ellen Copeland

Help and hope in place of despair

If you are like me, each day as you hear the news, you hang your head in despair over what is happening to children and families at the United States border and wish there were something you could do.

If you agree with the following statement, please share it in any way you can think of with everyone you can possibly think of. Hopefully it will make a difference.

“To every public official, person with influence or position, and citizen of the United States:

“Please do everything in your power, including using your input and influence, passing and enforcing laws, making financial contributions, volunteering and advocating in person, through the media, electronically, through the mail and phone to assure that:...

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Remembering Kate

A mother’s journey from a state mental institution to a fulfilling life

What is unusual about my mother that makes me want to share her story with others? Raised on a farm in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, Kate Copeland never quite fit the typical image of a quiet, proper, and demure Pennsylvania Dutch girl. Unlike her two sisters, she was...

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COMMONSENSE: How to cope with and make sense of a tragedy

Dear Mary Ellen: I was shocked and horrified by the recent devastating tragedy in our area, where a mother killed herself and her two young children. How can we best deal with the feelings of grief that come up in a situation like this, even when we don't know...

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