Zon Eastes

Coffey: trusted values, good government, hard work

I'm excited to vote for Sara Coffey for state representative in the upcoming Windham-1 race.

Everything is more energized when we voters have a choice among candidates. We have an opportunity to activate our voice, to find alignment on issues that really matter, to think into the future a bit.

When I consider what's at stake here in our district, there's no question that Sara will get my vote. Why?

Three reasons: Because Sara stands for trusted values, like community, equity, fairness, and respect. Because Sara knows that good government creates opportunity for every person. Because Sara has a track record of hard work and dedication to the residents of Vernon and Guilford.

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‘I commit to working toward the very best Guilford we can muster’

I'm sending a big thank you to the record number of Guilford voters who took part in the March 1 Town Meeting Day election. Forty-two percent of Guilford's registered voters signaled preferences on a number of key issues as well as a number of position races. Bravo! I am...

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DVFiber wants to connect with residents

As part of my role as a Selectboard member in Guilford, I represent my town in the new Deerfield Valley Communications Union District (d.b.a. DVFiber). DVFiber's goal is to secure affordable broadband to every address in our 18-town district. That prospect is challenging, to say the least, but we...

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Coffey: ‘a bright consideration for service to the residents of far-southern Vermont’

I write with real enthusiasm to urge broad support for the re-election of Windham-1 Rep. Sara Coffey. I had the pleasure of working with Sara as an arts and creativity colleague from her very first days in Vermont. At Vermont Performance Lab, she shone as a visionary, diligent, and thoughtful leader. And what a remarkable collaborator. Likewise, I knew Sara as an advocacy colleague, in Montpelier and in Washington, D.C. Her clear-eyed, passionate resolve made her an effective champion for...

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