Adam Sherman

Thanks, I’ll keep my mask on

In his lifetime, one college student has seen plenty to create distrust in society and institutions — from the Iraq war to active shooter drills to economic crises to the CDC’s own handling of the pandemic. Why would anyone not be skeptical about being assured that now it’s safe for vaccinated people to go without masks?

On May 13, Gleyber Torres, an infielder for the New York Yankees was confirmed in a press release from his team to have contracted COVID-19.

The very next day, while outside of a Domino's Pizza that was still takeout only, I was accosted by a man who was angry about the continued use of masks.

If he had been voicing his opinion in an online forum or a letter to the editor, I would have sympathized. But I know there are others like him out there: people who aren't conspiracy theorists but who are simply tired of wearing masks.

Some keep their feelings to themselves. Some, like that gentleman, harangue passersby. Some speculate about the mental health of people who still wear masks.

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