Kevin Farrell

Safe from caring?

All too often, I see people being cruel just for the sake of being cruel. Why is it now safe for people to behave this way?

I have been paying very little attention to the story of the five rich people who went down to view the Titanic wreck on the ultra deep submersible. I was pretty sure that they were already dead. At that depth any tiny thing goes wrong and it is pretty quick - like nanoseconds - and it is over. The pressure at that depth is immense.

I did, however, see the reactions of a lot of people.

Some people tried for humor and rarely succeeded, some people tried to be supportive of those families affected by the tragedy, some people offered prayers and the like, and some people just flat out denigrated the people involved, and others just getting in the face, so to speak, of anyone making fun of this.

Then came the news of what I suspected: those aboard were dead and probably had been since the moment that communication was lost - an outcome that was not unexpected by me and, I suspect, a lot of others.

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