Barb Raskin

Not the enemy

Reporters write articles for publication; however, it is editors and managing editors who write the headlines and subheads.

Calling attention to an additional filing in Superior Court to review WWHT's proposed housing project, Virginia Ray's piece alerts the reader that words do indeed matter. One online dictionary defines a foe as "a person who feels enmity, hatred, or malice toward another"; they are the "enemy."

Is that really what is happening here?

Growing numbers of Putney residents and beyond feel this is an ill-conceived, profit-seeking-only build that bypasses zoning regulations and environmental issues which will define the town of Putney for decades to come.

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This is hardly a NIMBY debate

Julie Tamler's letter addresses pertinent social and economic issues associated with the Windham-Windsor Housing Trust's proposed development on Alice Holway Drive. I hope the world will read it. There is a huge disconnect between the glossy presentations by WWHT for "affordable" housing and comprehending the long-term social, economic, and...

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