Annie Smith

Our wildlife board won’t act in wildlife’s interests

Vermont’s Fish & Wildlife Board is entirely made up of hunters, trappers, and anglers — the regulated regulating themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

Who's in on bludgeoning animals? Do you support the inhumane treatment of wildlife? Gov. Phil Scott wants you to apply to the Fish & Wildlife Board!

During a recent Fish & Wildlife Board meeting where the board was required by the Legislature to come up with regulations on how to humanely trap and kill animals, one of Gov. Scott's board-appointed members representing Chittenden County recommended "bludgeoning" trapped animals.

Some of you might recall those anti-fur commercials from the 1980s showing baby seals being clubbed to death. Can you believe that that is happening right now in Vermont to trapped foxes, raccoons, bobcats, and other wildlife?

Not bad enough?...

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