Abenaki Alliance

Celebrating the Indigenous peoples of Vermont

‘On Indigenous Peoples Day, let us affirm that all Indigenous people need to come together to find ways to both uplift and celebrate our differences’

Oct. 9 is Indigenous Peoples Day - an opportunity for all Americans to acknowledge the resilience and diversity of Native cultures in the United States, and celebrate the contributions of those who have been in relationship with the Land long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

We are the four Western Abenaki tribes recognized by the state of Vermont: Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi, Elnu Abenaki Tribe, Ko'asek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation, and Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki Nation.

On this day of national acknowledgment, it is important to come together in celebration of all Native cultures. We have been Indigenous people of these homelands, now recognized as a part of the United States, for more than 12,000 years.

The Abenaki in Vermont live peacefully as place-based people, celebrate our heritage, and enjoy the recognition granted to us by the governor, state Legislature, and the entire Vermont congressional delegation. We believe that communities are stronger when they are inclusive, respect differences, and honor a variety of lived experiences.

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